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Assistance League of Bend Serving Deschutes CountyAssistance League of Bend
P.O. Box 115
Bend, OR 97709-0115

Ph:  (541) 389-2075

Restricted Donation 

The various philanthropic programs of Assistance League are funded by the generosity of our members, the business community, grants, and donations from individual donors.

Your donation may be given to support a single program that is dear to your heart. If you choose to give a restricted donation, please identify the program that you wish to support. Our philanthropies include: Operation School Bell®; Hats, Hats, Hats; and Senior Caring. Each of these programs is described individually on our website.

Assistance League of Bend is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS. Therefore, your donation is eligible as a tax deduction. Our Tax Identification number is: 94-3138500.

Your donation to help Assistance League continue to support children, adults, and seniors in our community is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Donation Restricted to Hats,Hats,Hats:

Donation Restricted to Operation School Bell:

Donation Restricted to Senior Caring:

Donation Restriced to Another Program (you specify at check out)